We are Prosciutto Babes

Prosciutto Babes is an amateur lady-driven offroad rally team that was founded on a shared love for adventure. As a little introduction: our names are Angie & Kat, and yes, we love prosciutto. However, our team name is actually based on the name of the Burning Man camp where we first became friends in 2015, Prosciutto Bay.

Angie, based in San Francisco, is a doctor by day and explorer by night! In her free time, she enjoys building out her adventure van (Leisure Van Larry) and traveling all over the US. She recently completed a tour of Utah, and has another adventure to the Pacific Northwest on the books for this summer.

Kat, based in Seattle, works in HR in the video games industry, and spends a lot of her time (you guessed it) playing video games! However, she’s not a total couch potato, on any given weekend you might find her spinning fire with her friends or exploring the Pacific Northwest at local offroading meetups and Mountaineers workshops.

We may not be professionals, but we sure as hell are passionate. We hope you’ll follow us on our journey as we prepare and compete in the Rebelle Rally this October!