Angie and I have been hard at work preparing for the Rebelle! Here are a few highlights from our recent adventures at Beverly Dunes in June, and Oregon Dunes in July.

Oregon Dunes

We spent this past weekend practicing for the big-girl dunes we’re going to see at Glamis in October, and it was awesome! We still have some nav & tech prep to do, but Angie and I are definitely feeling more confident about our sandy driving skills.

All I’m saying is- Glamis better be getting ready for us!

Beverly Dunes

Our trip to Beverly Dunes was a big day for recovery practice! We got ourselves stuck intentionally a few times, so that we could practice using different equipment. However, we also got to help out a few strangers in need too! All in all, it was a super fun day of exploring in the sand, playing good Samaritan, and learning some new skills.

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